Dr. F.G.Pearson, Dr. J.Deslauriers,Dr.B.Nelemsが呼吸器外科の全領域に亘る歴史と発展,及び最新の知見を書物に著しました

EVOLUTION OF THORACIC SURGERY IN CANADA ( Deslauriers J, Nelems B, Pearson FG) The Japanese Association of Chest Surgery and its executive are pleased to be part of the promotion of this new book release entitled `` Evolution of Thoracic Surgery in Canada`` ( see brochure) co-authored by Drs Jean Deslauriers, Bill Nelems and F Griffith Pearson. The book details, often with humor, the unique and significant contributions of Canadian thoracic surgeons to the understanding and practice of our specialty in the areas of research, teaching and clinical work. Over the years, the close association between Canadian and Japanese thoracic surgeons has been remarkable and several of us have contributed to research in Canadian thoracic surgery or have benefited from their training programs. The book which will be released in September 2014 is available in two formats, a limited edition format (n:500) which is leather-bound and signed by the three authors and a standard edition format. Of note, all proceeds from book sales will go to a foundation to support research and education in Canadian Thoracic surgery. The book can only be ordered through the Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons website at www.canadianthoracicsurgeons.ca.


掲載 2014年9月4日
更新 2014年10月6日