Membership Application

  • 1. Fill out the membership application form and send it to us by mail.
    Click to download the membership application form.
    (Please print it out.)
    * Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open PDF files.
  • 2. The annual membership fee is 13,000 yen. You may use the transfer slip at a post office to transfer the money to our account. Otherwise, please contact the Association and we will send you the membership application form and transfer slip.
    Please write your name and place of employment in the message area of the transfer slip. If you transfer money for more than one membership with one transfer slip, state it clearly in the message area on the slip.
  • 3. We will send you a receipt upon receiving notification from the post office about the above transfer.
    (We will accept your membership application after confirming receipt of the money.)
  • 4. If you let your annual membership dues fall into arrears for two years, we will assume that you do not wish to maintain your membership, and so terminate it.
  • 5. Our journal, including the issue providing the program of our annual meeting, is published 7 times a year.
  • 6. Please promptly notify us of any change in address using the address change request form on our website.
    (Mails we send is occasionally returned due to an unknown address.)

* Please contact our office regarding any inquiry.


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Chiyoda life Kyoto Oike building 3F
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